The 10 Best Pinoy Movies of 2019


The Philippine film industry is still busy like 2019. While some prominent figures have shown a lack of authenticity, the Filipino made some significant achievements during 2019.

He said, "What are you?" Best Movie Movies of 2019؟

At Cinema Escapist we have compiled a list of the top Filipino films of 2019 to help answer this question. Although romance is continuing its popularity for panawi films in 2019, we have also included films of other genres such as crime and humor. Here are some free and art house movies in the list of the best Filipino films of 2019.

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11. The miracle in cell number 7

Director: Naval Crosostomo Navy | Acting: Aga Mahlach, Zia Uygur, Bella Padilla | Genre: Drama, Family, Humor

Similar to the hit Korean movie of the same name, Miracle in cell number 7 The story of her heartbroken father and daughter won the love of critics and the audience. Based on Korean origin, Miracle In Cell No. 7 tells the story of a mentally disabled man who has been wrongly imprisoned. When Lito's fellow inmates realize that he is an innocent man, they help smuggle his young daughter into the yes, so that the two can continue the relationship.

Like its Korean source, cell number 7 has a big shout-out. The movie highlights universal themes of family love and kindness, and does not feel it can be supported. Child actress Zia Wigor has done a wonderful job of portraying Esha, and the actors who play the role of fellow prisoners of Latto also provide comic relief. In addition, the Filipino miracle in Cell Number 7 was modified to suit the conditions and tastes of the Philippines. For example, the movie looks at Badla Yasha's hiding place. Filipino jails are different from Korean. This is not a simple copy of the Miracle Korean origin in cell number 7, but rather a whole-hearted localization.

10. Snow

Director: Carlo Leadsma | Acting: Carmina Villavarrell, Mylene Dizon, Crystal Bermaner | Genre: Horror

Horror films are a regular part of Filipino cinema. Although some 2019 Filipino horror films like Erie and Clarita made a lot of money, the quality of their production and storytelling was not that good. Snow This year is one of the horror films of the Philippines.

In the episode, Carmina Verville plays a mother who hires an entry-level call center to help her ailing daughter Annelie (Crystal Bumner). Unfortunately, his call center job is located in a haunted building … and from there the ghost story goes on.

Winning three awards at the 2019 Metro Manila Film Festival, Sanod has above average production standards. His cinematography is quite inspiring, and his opening scene makes you want to watch the rest of the movie. In addition to its call center setting, there is also valuable social commentary about Snow's social inequality.

9. Alone / With

Director: Antoinette Jadon | Acting: Lisa Sobrano, Enrique Gil | Genre: Romance, Drama

Prepared by the preparation of thousands of concentrated black sheep, Alone / with Follows a standard romance story but performs well. The real-life couple Lisa Subrano and Enrique Gale are playing the lead in the film. A girl named Christine "Tin" Lajaro and Rafael "Raff" Toledo, respectively. The two first meet as university students. Tin studies art, and Raff studies biology on the path to becoming a doctor. They fall into a relationship, but separate. Five years later, they meet again at an awards ceremony, where their chemistry shines once again.

With excellent production quality, the balance against single / lonely individual dreams offers a realistic and heartfelt look at romance. Lisa Sobrano's acting really helps bring the story to life. She easily and intensely presents a ton of weakness in a way that is not overly emotional. As the highest grossing movie of 2019 in the Philippines, there are huge financial rewards for being alone / together to tell the story well.

8. Lola Igna

Director: Eduardo W. Roy Jr. | Acting: Angie Farrow, Yves Flores | Genre: Family, Drama

She's 118, and wants to die. However, everyone around her wishes she could survive – as she might win a financial prize for "the world's oldest grandmother." Welcome to the world Lola grow, A movie that takes on the name of its old character.

Insert Tim, Agna's great-grandson, also wants to exploit the potential reputation of Tim Agna, an early wolf. But he helps it in a different way than expected. Tim and Agna's dialogue form the core of this film, and help make it a meditative but accessible reflection on intergenerational relationships. The portrayal of veteran actress Angie Farrow's Igna gave the film an extra punch. She is unconscious, stubborn and charming in her charming manner. As Agna and Tim learn more about themselves and each other, a beautiful and relevant story about the consequences of life, death and family.

7. Alan

Director: Irene Villore | Acting: Nadine Luster, Carlo Akeno, Marco Gumba | Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Olan May be about love, but this is not your average Filipino romance. The film stars Nadine Luster as a Maya author who is struggling to find romance and happiness. As Maya travels through life, Alan weaves strange fantasies from her imagination and childhood into a reflection of her own psyche. We see that she talks to Takbilings for a moment, and the storms at the same time. It is a sprinkling of the coming of age with a blurring of magical realism.

Through her amazing storytelling, Alan began to question the expectations surrounding the romance in general. The film breaks down ordinary romantic tropes (like arm warriors in symbolic knights), and feels more like a maze of pans than your usual Lime Steam Headland blockbuster. Alan is a distinctive and well-crafted breath of fresh air when it comes to romance in Filipino films.

6. Find Jesus with Feelings

Director: Prime Cruise | Acting: Carlo Aquino, Mene Mendoza | Genre: Romance, Drama

Another unique Filipino love story that unfolded in 2019 Jesus with feelings (With emotion once more) Mine Mendoza is performing Mara's duties as a seasoned architect. After failing the Skateboard board exams, Mara meets Glee (Carlo Econo), a deaf language sign language teacher. It is not possible for both of them to be relieved when the shortcomings of each other are relieved.

Through Mara and the abusive relationship, the feelings with Jesus Pa offer a wonderful exploration of social isolation and feelings of "otherness." Filmed with moments of strategic silence, the film creates an environment in which viewers can empathize with, and come together with, the characters. For their journey as the romance progresses despite the differences.

5. Mindanao

Director: Berlin Mendoza | Acting: Judy Ann Santos, Alan Disney, Jonah Tengg | Gender: Drama

A Big Winner at the Metro Manila Film Festival of 2019, Mindanao The name has been assigned to the disputed zone in the Philippine Islands. In the real world, the rebels of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front created an atmosphere of violence and terror that led to the Philippine President Rodrigo marking the entire island.

The Mindanao Filipino soldier mingles with Saima's Muslim wife. Their daughter, Jesus, has brain cancer, which makes up the majority of her daily struggle for Saima. At all times, the milling operates several hours' combat therapy.

Director Brilliant Mendoza blends animation between art scenes, representing Jesus' impression of the world. Although some critics recognize that the characters and the plot are so few, we are pleased that a filmmaker dared to present a complex environment of conflict in Mindau and to raise global awareness about the war.

4. Cleaner

Director: Glenn Barrett | Acting: Iana Teignode, Lamar Boulevard, Julianne Nerg | Genre: Drama, Comedy

Never had a movie movie like Cleaners come. A relatively obscure indie film that won awards at the 2019 Cinema International Film Festival, the cleaner is different in both storytelling and technique. It is a revealing treatise that shows that Filipino cinema has more to offer than big budget romance and horror films.

There are five different stories in the movie, including stories about a designated classroom cleaner at Tewoggaura High School. Each story touches on the theme of "clean, physical," or "clean." For the first time, the cast of actors brings to life five stories, giving them an authentic, natural feel. Highlights of Filipino high schoolers have long been involved in cleaner narratives. You can find long-lasting imprints. Anyone who does not accept will still not enjoy the five stories' straightforwardly but objectively.

In addition, the style of the cleaners looks like black and white photocopies of light fil that give rise to the appearance of reading material in Filipino high school. Director Glenn Barrett printed the frames in his physical form, manually exposed them, and then scanned the featured printout to produce the final film. The process, which continues for several months, results in a film that literally doesn't look like anything Panui Cinema has to offer.

3. Punishment

Director: Raymond Rabbi Gutierrez | Acting: Renee Dorian, Max Egman, Christopher King, Jordan Swan | Genre: Crime, Drama

Our third best movie of 2019 is a legal procedure drama.PunishmentGeneral Chat Chat Lounge The case follows the case of Filipino housewife Joy, who stabs her defense husband Dante in self-defense. The film draws the line between documentaries and dramas, co-opted by gambling for justice against Dante.

The wording explores the complexities of the Filipino justice system, but more importantly it also explores feminist ideology in a modern context. The Philippine system is facing difficulties against justice, which has led to its repeated testimony against Dante. Fans of the legal process will enjoy exhibiting the Philippine legal system, while the broader audience will find it easier to gain sympathy.

2. John Denver Trading

Director: Arden Rod Condies | Acting: Johnson Magpusa, Meryl Sorano | Gender: Drama

John Denver is a 14-year-old 8th-grade student in Cabongkal, Pandan, ancient. When he is falsely accused of stealing a member of his classmate MacVeigh, he attacks Makoi attacks and is caught on video. The video has gone viral, and it reverses John Denver's life.

This is a John Denver trending plot. This is a hidden Panuai indie film gem from 2019. At an age when cyber-billing and social media are increasingly hot topics, this movie helps viewers realize that online speech has real-world consequences, while not over-preaching.

John Denver is the best cinematography and well-developed character in trending (John Denver's mother is a particularly interesting figure). This makes the story of online witchcraft more resonant, and illuminates the raw horror of the Internet-driven mob. Director Arden Rod Condes keeps this story firmly in focus, and never lets go of the irrationality of which some of his characters are embodied. Impressively, this is the first film directed by the most relevant film Condé. We look forward to seeing his future offerings.

1. Hello, love, goodbye

Director: Kathy Garcia – Molina | Acting: Catherine Bernardo, Alden Richards | Genre: Romance

Here's our first entry for the best Pinoy movies of 2019 Hello love goodbyeGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Hosted by prominent director Kathy Garcia Molina, the romance has won the top spot and received critical acclaim at the 2019 Philippine Box Office.

Hello, love, goodbye, Catherine Bernardo and Alden Richards separated from their regular love to play with Joy and Ethan. Both are Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Hong Kong. Judea is a hard-working domestic helper trying to save money moving to Canada, while Ethan is a carefree bartender looking for his way in life. They both created a romance that forces them to discover more about themselves.

Bernardo and Richards prepared for their role intensely. Bernardo created a sense of isolation from other cast members. Is the result a realistic and compassionate performance that avoids the hollow sugar of another Filipino romance? It's nice to see a romance featuring OFWs that don't sensationalize the challenges of working life and attack a meaningful, empowering tone.

Find out more about hello, love, goodbye in our full length review.

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