The 10 Best Pinoy Movies of 2018


Filipino production companies are quite profitable, and 2018 was no exception. He said, "What are you?" The Best Panovi Movies Of 2018؟

Here we have compiled a list of the best Filipino films of 2018 for you to answer. Not surprisingly to any Filipino filmmaker, some of these top-rated Panui films of 2018 are some of the top love teams.

Although romance may be the most dominant genre of Filipino cinema, there is more to it. Likewise, the list of 2018 Panayi films also includes a number of titles dealing with socio-economic issues, Filipino history and current events.

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10. Beavist

Director: Eric Clay | Acting: Ann Curtis, Brandon Vera, Victor Neri, Arjo Ataid | Gender (s): Action, Crime, Thriller

The drug war in the Philippines has been the subject of numerous conversations both in the Philippines and internationally. Byst Police raid drama on drug dealing in a Katchi population, in the depiction of the brutal realism of human drug-related incidents. A squad of anti-drug agents infiltrates a slum population and tries to apprehend a drug lord. However, their operation goes wrong when someone inside a drug agency enters them into a drug cartel.

When agents try to escape, they become involved in countless battles with drug dealers. Meanwhile, the local Katchi residents attacked both agents and drug addicts as they suffered overwhelming damage to their homes. Dramatically loaded with a series of fights and intense pursuit of the feet, Bybst won internationally due to his timely political commentary and action-packed cinematography.

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9. Consignment

Director: Royal S. Bani | Acting: Bei Alonzo, Drake Ramsay, Palo Illinois | Gender (s): Romance, Drama

This is the first of several romance names in the list قصال, A major production company Star Cinema released as a 25 year anniversary offer. Actress B'Alonzo stars as Lia Marquez, an underground educator who is part of a political family and is marrying Philip Cardo (Paulo Elveno), the mayor's candidate for Cebu City.

However, before Lydia and Philip get married, a ghost figure emerges: Waddo Della Costa (Derek Ramsay), Lia's old boyfriend. Cebu returns to help with the Philip campaign and, as the election and wedding day draws near, Liao disputes over which man to choose. Although the plot is not necessarily modern, Castle performed it reliably, becoming one of the top 10 grossing films in the Philippines during 2018.

8. A great love

Director: Eric Quezon | Acting: Dennis Trello, Kim Chew, JCD Viera | Gender (s): Drama, Romance

Released on Christmas 2018, A great love Another is a Filipino romance movie that is genuinely crowd-pleasing.

Leading actress Kim Chiu acted as the lead character in the film, a woman named Zaira Paz. Zaira's relationship with her boyfriend Carl Mauricio (JCD Viera) is broken, though they are both still trying to work things out. However, Zaira meets an entertaining heart doctor by the name of Ian Arcano (Dennis Trailo), who re-evaluates her romantic choices.

With an entertaining musical score and strong performances from the Dennis Trio, One Great Love also performed well at the 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival with two awards.

7. Never love you

Director: Antoinette Jadon | Acting: James Reid, Nadine Luster, Yayo Aguila | Genre: Romance, Drama

I hope you like the romance, as there will be more to this list! (Well, don't worry, non-romance, too.) As our seventh entrant, Never love you "Jadine" (James Reid and Nadine Luster) offers a practical look at the love team's modern romance courtesy.

Young couples Geo (James Reed) and Juan (Nadine Loster) never start to love you in a careless relationship. However, when Joanne left the marketing brand manager in Manila to work as a cafe server in London, the two began to face real-life obstacles. With career prospects, the romantic love story, the geo and youth love story becomes so realistic that it almost feels like real life.

Nevermind You also did a great job at the Philippine Box Office of 2018, and appreciated Jadine's love team more for their growing maturity. The film also includes some excellent cinematography that makes you want to go to London.

6. Goose Boy General

Director: Gerald Tarug | Acting: Paolo Illinois, Carlo Aquino, Aaron Villafler | Genre (s): Historical, war

Sorry, something that is not romance! If war and history are your thing, look no further Guy: Boy GeneralGeneral Chat Chat Lounge For our readers unfamiliar with Philippine history, "Gue" is none other than General Gregorio "Gov" Del Pilar. General Dale Palmer was an important commander during the Philippine-American War, and today many Filipinos are national heroes. When he took command in the early 20's, Dale Peeler earned the nickname "Boy General."

GOVA: Boy General is the spiritual successor of Gerald Tarog, the director of the Herald Luna, an epic 2015 blockbuster that teased the Filipino-American war commander, General Antonio Luna. Those who enjoyed Henry Luna will also enjoy Gew; both films use a lot of cleansing war scenes and dramatic political intrigue to tell an entertaining story.

Although anyone who likes action films can enjoy Goose, the boys of history will appreciate it even more. The film presents, among other historical moments, an extraordinary picture of the Battle of the Threat Pass, known as the "Thermopyla of the Philippines." Furthermore, as we pointed out to Henriel Luna, even viewers outside the Philippines can easily praise Guiu as one of the most watchable war films that the United States considers evil.

Interested? GoV is available to stream on Netflix worldwide.

5. Rainbow sunset

Director: Joel Lamington | Acting: Eddie Garcia, Tony Mabisa, Gloria Romero | Gender (s): LGBT, romance, family drama

Part love story and part family drama, Rainbow sunset One of the most unique films of 2018. The film won the 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival, which won 11 awards, including Best Picture and Best Director.

Veteran actor Eddie Garcia plays the lead character, a Filipino retired senator named Ramon Estrella. Ram taking care of her cancer-loving boyfriend Fredo (Tony Mabisa), Ramon became gay for his adult children, wife and grandchildren. General Chat Chat Lounge

Although it is slightly distracted by a number of sub-plots, the Rainbow Sun provides an excellent experience that never diminishes. The subject of homosexuality has also been explored in this film with great enthusiasm, and care must be taken to find a different perspective on the issue as long as they remain thoughtful.

4. Access equipment

Director: Dan Villegas | Acting: Angelica Panganiben and Carlo Econo | Gender (s): Romance, Drama

Teen drama G Mack's "Cargill" was a favorite of many Filipinos growing up. Reunited in duo Accessory bag, Where they play a pair of former lovers who reunite at a party hosted by their mutual friend. Arranged by Dan Villegas, the director of the leading Filipino Rome com work, Axis Baggage explores the stages of the relationship between falling in love, breaking down and everything in between.

Exxon Bags avoids clichéd themes and overly melodramatic playwrights living in the twentieth-century Filipino romance films. Instead, the film focuses on a deeper message: Despite the turmoil and distress that former partners can create, we can all learn something from our past relationships. Especially with actress Angelica Pangyanban, who has already bonded with her real-life partner shortly before the film's release, the film has a powerful message.

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3. Miss Granny

Director: Joyce Bernal | Acting: Sarah Girono, Xian Lim, James Reid | Genre: Language: Music, Humor, Fantasy, Family

If you're thinking, "Wait, this isn't a Korean movie," you would be right. Filipino of 2018 Miss Granny The most popular 2014 Korean movie is a remake of Miss Greene. However, don't let that stop you. 2018's Miss Green the Korean embraces the concept of origin and manages to make it novel and highly entertaining in the local Filipino context.

Filipino Miss Greeny told the story of an older woman named Feliza Malabou. After visiting the mysterious photo booth, Feliza transforms into her younger self. With the newcomers, Feliza made a new appearance as "Audrey de Le ۔n," using her musical abilities to gain fame as a singer.

It's fitting that superstar singer Sarah Jeriano plays the "Audrey". She steals the show and has great chemistry with her fellow actors. All the songs in the movie are deliberately linked to the characters, and watching the movie feels like you're experiencing a vivid show. Cinematography, sound mixing, and jokes in Miss Greene are also on top of it all. If you see Miss Granny, be prepared to go on a roller coaster full of laughter, crying and emotional emotions.

2. Signal rock

Director: Chateau S. Rau | Acting: Christian Bibles, Daria Ramirez, Nanding Joseph | Gender (s): Drama

Our second best puny movie of 2018 gets a little more artistic. Signal Rock The Oscars were to be presented in the Philippines 2018. Although he did not make the final shortlist, it is still worth watching.

During the 1990s, Signal Rock centers around a young man named Anton who lives in a remote area of ​​northern Samar. Movie title describes how Antoine can find cellphone reception. As it turns out, Intai has to make a few cell phone calls. His sister is involved in a custody dispute with a Finnish Finnish man, and Antai is required to work with his fellow villagers to help and deal with distant bureaucrats.

In addition to conducting cinematography, Signal Rock offers a philosophical but accessible meditation in Filipino society. On the one hand, it shows the beauty of the traditional Filipino Ba'an community spirit. On the other hand, it shows how the ideology of exploitation also works in the exploitative capitalist structure that engulfs many Filipinos around the world. If you're looking for more thoughtful and artistic breaks than all the romance on this list, check out Signal Rock.

1. About Us

Director: Kathy Garcia – Molina | Acting: Catherine Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Daren Espanto | Gender (s): Romance, Drama

Top of our list of best rated movies of 2018 all about usGeneral Chat Chat Lounge In the seventh movie, the famous "Cuthill" (Catherine Bernardo and Daniel Padilla) love team, the highest grossing movie of all time in The House of the Philippines. Compared to previous "Hard Nail" films, The House of Romance offers a more solid and bare style.

George (Catherine Bernardo) and Primo (Daniel Padilla) first meet in a debate. Trapped in each other's ambitions, the two fall in love. However, how is our past? Today, Primo and George are no longer together. When they were fighting for a house in which they had invested together, they both shared the dark, dark parts of their previous love.

Although the plot of the film is relatively simple and it still has a number of Filipino romance tropes, the House of the US shows that Panawi films are rising in quality. With solid cinematography and decent screenwriting, The Hows of Us distinguishes itself as the best movie of 2018.

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