Review: "Still Man" reminds us that everyone has a dream


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Visit any Hong Kong public place on Sunday and you'll see a crowd of Filipino and Indonesian women sitting on cardboard, eating breakfast from their home countries and chatting to the day. Meet about 400,000 foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong on their vacation day.

Although the concept of having a resident domestic helper may be foreign to most people living in the West, it is commonplace in the relatively wealthy cities of Hong Kong and Singapore – where 1 in 5 and 8 in 5 households is one of the. General Chat Chat Lounge Facing poverty at home, many Filipino and Indonesian women choose to move abroad for jobs that often cost more than what they earn at home.

However, conditions are not ideal for domestic helpers. With the help of racism and classism, helpers continue to suffer abuse, from the non-payment of salaries to the refusal of a week's rest. Recently, a Hong Kong employer sacked her maid when she was diagnosed with cancer – denied medical care, and forced to return home to the Philippines.

It sets out a reference to a movie about Steel Human, a film about a Filipino nurse in which former construction worker Leung Cheung Wing (Anthony Wong) works as a domestic helper. Both initially face difficulties because of Leung's lack of English and Evelyn's lack of Cantonese. They only get to know each other when Leung starts learning English (and complains about his hygiene) to communicate better with Evelyn, while Evelyn learns Cantonese after cheating with a local grocery seller. The mind sets.


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Are jobs not human beings?

However, cheating in the wet market means Evelyn only has to deal with this abuse. Throughout the film, we see Leung's sister treat Evelyn as a subhuman, refusing to eat her dinner (most domestic helpers eat in the kitchen). Evelyn befriends a group of other domestic helpers who tell stories of abuse at their employers.

In the middle of the film, Leung discovers Eve Evelyn's dream of becoming a photographer – revealing that she had just come to work as a domestic helper to avoid illicit marriage (divorce is illegal in the Philippines). ۔ Leung's attitude toward Evelyn begins to change as she tries to help him interpret the dream, buy a camera, and enter the competition for photography. Even when she stands up with her sister when she first makes a racist comment, she asks incredibly, "Aren't men maids?" Before reminding him "Have some respect!"

As it turns out, Leung has a dream of his own: to go on a graduation trip with his son. After being paralyzed from the waist down at a work accident, and divorced by his wife, it appears that he has given up life.


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Postponed dream

In this way, Evelyn and Leung are more alike than ever – they both have dreams that they are unable to pursue because of different circumstances in their lives. Evelyn's arrival and her dreams are revealed, convinces Leung to change her life.

In this sense, Steel Humans is not just a story about the abuse and discrimination that domestic helpers face – it is also the story of two people who were badly treated in life and followed each other to their dreams. Help me to do Although the story of the domestic helper and his employer portrays the film in the real-world context, the story and the characters are unfamiliar to the audience in a wave of audiences that have no connection. Most importantly, neither Evelyn nor Leung is portrayed in this film – rather it provides an opportunity to empower the two from where they can choose their destiny, and to avoid these limitations. Learn about the social, economic and physical conditions they have imposed on them. General Chat Chat Lounge

Yet humans show that the gaps in language, culture, gender, age, or social status are not a barrier to establishing relationships with anyone else. Regardless of one's background or social standing – a helper or a disabled person – we are all still human. Yet human beings make and voice not only assistants and people with disabilities, but also people from all walks of life, who are often ignored, dismissed, and stereotyped by society. ۔

Jian Soriano contributed to this story.

Steel Humane is premiering in the United States at CAAMFest 2019. For more information and screening times, visit the CAAMFest website.

Still human– Hong Kong. Directed by Oliver Sue Quin Chen Running time is 1 hour 55 minutes. Starring Crisil Konsanji and Anthony Zhou Sang Wang.

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