Review: "Hello, Goodbye" highlights the personal struggle of Filipino workers abroad in Hong Kong


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Give up on pursuing your dreams, or for the love of your life? Stay? This is the question that Hello, Love, Goodbye ask us.

Kathy Garcia – Molina's latest offering, famed for its Filipino romantic comedies, is set in Hong Kong. Molina highlights the story of Joy and Ethan, two overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) on their experiences with overseas Filipinos. We see that Joy, a hard-working domestic helper, who is trying to save money for moving to Canada as a nurse, and Ethan, the bartender, is trying to find her motivation in life. Lives are coming to light.

Hi, love, goodbye to the two biggest names in the Philippines "Caroline Bernardo (from Kit Nell) and Alden Richards (from Aldab) two biggest names in the Philippines. Surprisingly, Bernardo and Richards rival television networks In the Philippines, it is common for actors to sign a network exclusively. Hello, love, goodbye, their performance proves that, once you grow into an artist, you There is no harm in avoiding love.


Courtesy of Star Cinema.

A sympathetic, authentic performance

Hi-Liu, bye-bye, Bernardo graduated from his teenage roles and flowers, a dramatic actress who was completely transformed from her baby days. Richards demonstrates his ability as an actor to rise to the challenge, proving why he is one of the country's matinee idols.

To join his role, Bernardo was separated from the cast to better sympathize with the gambling isolation. After only a week of filming in Hong Kong, she wanted to return to the Philippines. Richards, on the other hand, weighed in at around 25kg to play Ethan. Molina has been notorious for her hard work with the artists with whom she works – but her fame is as a household name, and blockbuster successful films have appeared in her films.

Hello, love, farewell love story is not new, yet it gives us a unique idea of ​​the facts of being a foreign worker. The film removes layers of off-the-shelf experience with sheer intensity. Reflecting on the employer-employee relationship found in other films about OFW, Molina draws her attention away to herself, and her family, to OFW.

The film is drawing Hong Kong glamorists, when we wake up at 5am daily in the morning, wandering the streets of Hong Kong, away from their families, never dreaming. She sits on a cardboard box in Central on Sunday and takes care of her employer's daughter and grandmother by selling electricity banks as a side job. (Which is actually illegal) Molina combines drama and clarity in painting these problems, and most importantly tells "whispers."


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The burden of responsibility

"If you stop, you will die of hunger." that is why.

Joy and thousands of other WOs face these difficulties to bring their families back home. The message that the film is strongly strengthened. We see that Joy's friend reminds her cousin to be careful with her money so she can send enough Philippines, as the same friend tells her father that she will stay two more years because they need the money.

Domestic helpers earn less than HK $ 4,520 (US $ 576) per month, working only hours. In Joey's words, if you quit working, your family would starve. Sacrifice is almost always given. If you are off then that is a hard fact because you have a responsibility to your family. The responsibility that Joy is responsible for is the one that many other OFWs meet.

But at what cost do OFWs take this responsibility?

Like Steel Human, which also has Filipino domestic helpers, Joy holds a degree in Nursing. In fact, there is a general degree of nursing in the Philippines that she hopes can return home for a better salary with hopes of a job abroad. As it turns out, nursing is actually a dream you want to pursue, and being a domestic helper is just one step toward that goal.

Then Ethan comes into the picture. Although the film about domestic helpers and off-the-wounds really doesn't need a romance story, its story still has a purpose. Ethan's character contrasts with Joy's. While Joy is diligent, determined and knows what she wants in life, Ethan is a happy-go-lucky guy who jumps from relationship to relationship and doesn't know what he wants in life.

But living the free life of her character also resonates with Joy's selfishness, whether choosing herself over her family leaves us frustrated, or selfish.

Happiness regrets the lack of choice in life. As a modest family member, his family does not know what he has to endure on a daily basis. A nursing graduate who cleans the toilet and eats leftover food – "I'm more than that, I'm more, and I want to be more."

Of course, this sentiment reflects the dreams of many Filipino workers abroad. They have dreams, but they also have responsibilities that leave them behind. Joey and Ethan's romance faces heavy burdens and choices every day. Even the simplest things to buy for breakfast are difficult, as each dollar is a dollar you can save on paying back your family.


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Dream vs. Love

One common Filipino phrase, "free for free," tells us that "it is free to dream." But Joy and Ethan realize that as they try to make their love work, these dreams are not free. When you make a choice, you give up.

The mutual romance story of Joy and Ethan is mirrored by the same emotions in their individual stories: choices, responsibilities and dreams.

This is probably why the romance element works against the backdrop of an off-story. In this sense, hello, love, goodbye is not just a love story, nor is it just an OFW story – it's a story of finding yourself, and loving yourself in the process. This universal message is something that will resonate with the audience.

The message of hello, love, goodbye is very simple: give yourself the chance to do what you want, overcome the frustrations, be so enthusiastic to love and choose whether you want to leave or stay. ۔ The film does not portray Bernardo and Alden as compassionate as the people – they are portrayed as human beings, they have stories and experiences that will eventually pave the way for their future. Choose each other with or without.

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Hello, love, goodbyePhilippines Philippines Dialogue in Filipino and English. Directed by Kathy Garcia – Molina. First released on July 31, 2019. Running time 1 hour 58 minutes. Catherine Bernardo and Alden Richards are starring.

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