Review: "Exxon Bag" searches before, during and after relationships

Filipino studio Black Sheep's debut, Accessory bag, A romantic comedy that explores relationships with the joys and tears of all before – during, and after.

Axis Baggies has two milestones: the long-awaited film for the former Peristem, "Kargil" (Carlo Aquino and Angelica Pangani Bean), who filmed the Philippines during their youth at the hit hit show G-Mac. Wrapped their hearts in Axis Baggage reunites the pair. For fans of this highly-liked duo, the movie promises plenty of memories.

Hosted by renowned Filipino RoomCom Director Dan Villegas, Axis Baggage is about two ex-lovers who meet after many years at the opening of their friend's bar.


Thanksgiving Black Sheep.

The first half of the film keeps the audience confused between the present and the glimpse of the past. The film features a non-threatening narrative that combines flashbacks with current moments, and leaves the audience wondering, "What went wrong?" Especially when the former couple are happy to see each other again.

Ax Beggs tells a Cargill story from another perspective. In the teen years in real life, the two leads were former lovers, reuniting at the cinema years later. Likewise, the film matches its relationship with the Knox and Pia, as we see that their reunion reminds us of Akano and the investor.

As a romantic comedy, the film focuses on other opportunities, the pain of love, and the need for honesty in relationships – not just towards your partner but also to yourself. Much like the title of the film, it also looks at how past partners can affect current relationships, not only the couple's way of moving and being happy, but also the individual's own actions.


Thanksgiving Black Sheep.

Is a former partner just a surplus? Or can we learn from them how good or bad the relationship was? Axis baggage shows us the answer is later.

There are a number of scenes in the movie that show that Nix and Pia are happy together, but a deep look inside shows that they are quite insecure. Pia fears she's not pretty or "social" – a Filipino term for someone who is ancient or wealthy – compared to Nix's ex-girlfriend, because the Pia party smokes a lot. And lives out late. In one hot scene, Knox objected to a revealing costume that Pia intended to wear to a meeting with her mother – highlighting the tensions that arise in conflicting relationships between individuals.

But even so, it doesn't look like Ax Baggies will offer a novel based on a love story. The plot still follows a very classic pattern of romance stories: insecurities, pain, and moving – aspects that come with each relationship.


Thanksgiving Black Sheep.

In terms of cinema, the film adds an indie vibe, but its editing feels weird. In addition, the film is very dialogue, which sometimes has pretty good (though funny) dialogue. However, compared to other mainstream romantic comedians in the Philippines, Axis Baggies is not so pleasant and pleasing. It has a mix of Honey Moon and tragic moments that highlight the skills of their actors.

The film appeals to the feelings of one another and this is something that will bring relief to the Filipino people. For the international audience, the nostalgia here is foreign, but not in the direction of a romantic tale. And the message of the film – which we can learn from our former partners – is universal.

At the end of the movie, Axis Beggs reminds us that our previous relationships made us thankful for lessons, and not to be intimidated again. In fact, when the movie was released locally, it actually prompted you to watch it with your ex-partner.

In the conversation between Pia and Nix, Knox asked if she was afraid of love. She said, "No – I think those people who are afraid to love, because they are overwhelmed by love, have not really had love before. Love should overcome pain.

This line is especially powerful when provided by Pingunibun, who ended his relationship in real life as his ex-partner had divorced with another woman. Nevertheless, he said in an interview: "I have forgiven him. I hope he gets what he wants. It is important that he is happy, that he is happy. I'm proud of all the people I've loved. And now I'm fine and I'm fine. "

Accessory bagPhilippines Directed by Dan Villegas. Running time 1 hour 44 minutes. Angelica Investor and Carlo Econo.

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